XVA Labs Centers Of Excellence CoE

Developing Centers of Excellence
Whether it’s a “Center of Excellence”, a Steering Committee, or a rose by any other name, coping with the pace of communications and change due to platforms like social media, requires a new ‘horizontal’ function that goes across the various vertical functions and lines of business in your organization. Legal, Marketing, PR, Product Mgmt, etc. all have to be able to work as one and have pre-existing processes in place to survive in the ‘new normal’ that social media has initiated. It’s also a pre-requisite for effective innovation and collaboration to take place in an organization, to prioritize items for budgeting, and for capacity planning. In this session you’ll learn about the various types of CoE, case studies of how they’ve been used, what worked, what didn’t, and the specific staging process that will make yours a success. Welcome to the world of ‘sideways thinking’.

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