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Creating a Corporate Culture

You can bring the best and brightest people together, but if there isn’t a common sense of values and purpose, it’s hard to build a thriving organization. That’s why culture is critical. But culture is also a very ‘soft’, ephemeral thing that is difficult to define, much less measure.

Not any more. Our proprietary technology and insight methodology for assessing organizational culture sits at the heart of everything XVA Labs does. It not only digs into the details, but also gives you a clear, understandable, visual image of your culture that allows for alignment and clarity of communications across the entire organization. Whether that’s 20 people, or 200,000.

In this session, you’ll get to see first hand what your culture looks like today, what you’d like it to look like tomorrow, and develop a plan for getting it there. In the process you’ll identify the vision, values, ethics and overall business personality that support the culture you want to create and sustain.


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