Oracle Modern Marketing Experience

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Oracle Modern Customer and Marketing Experience with XVA Labs

Please join Shelly Kramer from our sister company V3B and Matt Ridings from right here at XVA Labs at Oracle’s Modern Marketing Experience event in Las Vegas.

It’s not too late to register, and if giving you 50% off the registration price isn’t incentive enough (click on image at top of post and use the code) then we’d at minimum highly encourage you to follow along over on Twitter and Facebook throughout the week as we conduct interviews and broadcast our thoughts on the items that you should be paying attention to. There’ll be plenty of posts, videos, and audio to keep you up to speed.

Both Matt and Shelly are members of various other influencer, analyst, and futurist programs from the largest players in the cloud space but this is the first time they’ll be diving deep into the Oracle offerings with direct access to the top leadership. They also come at the technologies from different angles and use cases, so it should be an interesting week of insight as they compare and contrast.

We Want To Talk To YOU

We have an upcoming book on digital transformation and are always looking for great stories and people who are leading the charge within their organizations. If that’s you, or you simply think we should connect then by all means reach out to us. We’ll have a private room set up in Vegas for video and audio interviews (or just a place to unwind from the madness and have an informal discussion).

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