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It's at the heart of everything we do. Our ability to finally measure and track culture in an organization changes the game entirely.

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Who we are.

XVA Labs was formed at the confluence of 3 individuals who shared a vision of what the next generation of service organizations looked like. The intellectual property of culture assessment that had been developed and forms the core of the XVA Labs methodology allowed for a new take on executing digital transformation. Perhaps most importantly, it allowed for something no one had been able to bring to the arena before...accountability. From the highest levels of organizational strategy and leadership to the most tactical pieces of execution, we've got you covered. At this point we have 26 or so of the most passionate, committed, client-centric people you'll find anywhere on the planet.

Matt Ridings

Co-Founder & Managing Partner

Shelly Kramer

Co-Founder & Partner

Daniel Newman

Co-Founder & Partner

Our 3 Step Approach.

1 No matter the type of engagement, everything starts with an assessment and workshop so that it can be perfectly aligned and customized to your vision, values, and goals.

2 Insights from the assessment are delivered and a custom program approach is presented. Whether that's to enhance work you are doing yourself, or work we are providing for you.

3 Specific, tangible, objectively measured goals are constantly tracked and reported upon so that you can judge progress, or the lack thereof, and adjust if necessary BEFORE you've spent all your budget. Helping provide you transparent accountability is our mantra.